Mr. Martin C. Yates

Roles and responsibilities within Dell EMC Singapore b.v

  • Oversight and development on Dell Technologies Global Digital City Planning and Architecture
  • Direct Government advisory on Digital City Planning and Industry 4.0 transformation

Previous industry background

  • UK Military Defense – C4ISR, Weapons Analysis, Guidance Systems, PDP, Security
  • Petrochemical – Oil and Gas Europe Chief Architect for Platforms – Netherlands, UK, Russia
  • Financial Services – Barclays International Chief Architect and Tech Team Leader – UK
  • Manufacturing – ITI/A Chief Architect and Office Automation – Germany, Singapore, China, Japan
  • Global Logistics – DHL Head of Global Development – Global Ops HQ Malaysia, Czech Republic, Bonn

Mr. Martin C. Yates
Chief Technology Officer, Digital Cities & Homeland Security, Dell EMC

Singapore Political, Agencies, Community and Industry Appointments

  • Singapore Security Standards Committee Working Group ITSC IMDA COIR/ MTCS
  • Singapore Workforce Development Agency (Skills.SG) Digital Skills Roadmap 2018 Comm
  • PA Emergency Response Team (CERT) Community Security (Terrorism, National Support)
  • Singapore Community Grassroots Leader for East Coast
    Singapore Information Technology Federation Committee SGTech on Big Data and Cloud
  • Singapore Computer Society Executive Committee Member Cloud Chapter
  • Singapore Government Ruling Party Member – Policy ambassador and activist

Topic: Smart infrastructure management for smart city