Mr. Le Quoc Huu

36 years of experience ICT
25 working years in FPT Group (1990-2014), Vice General Director of FSE Company – FPT Information System Company (2012-2014)
2014-2015: Director of the Solutions for National Databases Business Unit-Viettel ICT
Currently: working in Viettel Telecom Corporation as Chief ICT Architect for Smart City

Mr. Le Quoc Huu
Chief ICT Architect for Smart City, Viettel

Topic: Building ICT architecture for smart cities

Industry 4.0 is being implemented not only in industry sector but in all social-economic areas. Smart City implementation is one important part of Industry 4.0.
Viettel Group has built a Model for ICT Architecture Framework for Smart & sustainable city, which includes 18 domains covering all 6 smart city pillars: Governance, Economy, Environment, Living, Mobility and people. All of these smart domains are based on a common Smart City Platform.
In order to build smart cities, provinces and cities in Vietnam should build a General ICT Architecture for smart city and step by step build ICT Architectures for smart domains for the top priority domains like Intelligent Operation Center, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, Smart Transportation, Smart Tourism,…
Up to now, Viettel has signed strategic MOU to implement smart cities for 21 provinces & cities in Vietnam among 33 ones which want to build smart cities. Viettel is step by step developing General ICT Architectures for smart city and ICT Architectures for smart domains for these provinces and cities. This will be an important contribution to implement Industry 4.0 in Vietnam.